Dr. Poonam Shukla

poonamDr Poonam Shukla ,Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine practices the full range of Ayurveda , including Herbal medicines , yoga ,and panchkarma .She is treating chronic patients with traditional and modern techniques .

Dr Poonam is one of the leading yogacharya in INDIA , She is expertise in pregnancy yoga , prenatal and postnatal yoga .

Dr Poonam Shukla graduated in Ayurvedic medicine and surgery from BABA FRID UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES PUNJAB ,INDIA . Then she did her MD (AM) in Naturopathy and Yoga .

Dr Amit Shukla and Poonam Shukla are widely recognized for their outstanding contribution to the field of Ayurvedic medicine . They were honoured by Dabur India ltd which is most prestigious recognition in the field of Ayurveda.

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