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We tried many doctors around Punjab but left hope. Ultimately started treatment from Dr Amit Shukla & Dr. Poonam Shukla and blessed with male baby (NAKSH MADAN) approx. after 3 years of marriage.
Mrs. Neha & Mr.Deepak Madan

We were Desperate from child. But both doctor Dr. Poonam Shukla & Dr. Amit Shukla treat with their herbal treatment. We will always thankful to them not only for treatment even for mental support.
Mrs Vandana & Mr. Mukesh Kumar

We married in 2002, but no child even after 6 year. We start treatment from Dr. Amit Shukla & Dr. poonam Shukla and blessed by male child on 16-09-2009. Both doctors are very nice and their treatments are amazing. May god bless both of them.
Mrs. Sharanjit Kaur & Mr. Harjit Singh

Suffeing from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA +ve)
I was in always in joint pain. Got relief after treatment from Dr. Amit Shukla even after stop treatment since three years.
Gurmeet Kaur

My weight was 90Kg. It was very hard to walk and breath. Life was tough. Got treatment from Dr. Amit Shukla, now my weight is 60Kg and living happy life.
I am very lucky to get treatment from Dr. Amit Shukla.
Mrs. Usha W/O Mr Kala Singh

Was suffering from PCOD less sperm count. We started treatment from Dr. Amit Shukla & Dr Poonam Shukla after five year of marriage in 2013 and we blessed with male child. We are happy & thankful to Dr. Amit Shukla & Dr. Poonam Shukla.
Mrs. Rupali Sachin Zanurene (Maharashtra)

My weight was 100Kg before I started my treatment. I have taken medicine for 2 months, now I am feeling very fit and my weight is 82KG now. Before treatment I was a lazy person and feel pain in the knees and joints. Now I am feeling very healthy.
Gurpreet Singh

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Ayurvedic Treatment
Ayu means life and Veda means knowledge, and so Ayurveda is often referred to as the “Science of Life” – however it is more an instruction for enhancing life…
The Doshas
Dosha is a Sanskrit word meaning the one which can pollute the body, however all three are needed to create balance in the body. If one is too low or too high…
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Address : Shukla Hospital, G.T. Road Chheharta, Amritsar , Punjab.
Phone : 0183-2450933
Email : info@shuklaayurvedichospital.com

Dr. Amit Shukla

India’s most experienced mind body and health specimen, Dr. Amit Shukla has spent over 28 years studding and practicing ayurveda based in Amritsar.

Education – university

Bachelor of ayurvedic medicine & surgery

6 year full time training 1986-1992 from guru nanak dev university punjab india

And this assigned 14000 hours of education.

fertility health – male & female
Skin health
Kidney health
Liver health
Joints health

Clinical experience
Dr.. Amit Shukla has been in clinical practice for the past 22 years and gathered rich experience in successful treatment of chronic and complicated disorders, particularly male and female infertility, kidney problems, skin problems rheumatoid arthritis, piles, liver disorders, etc. Dr.. Amit Shukla’s roaring practices is an eye- opener to people of india. He is jet setting vaidya (traditional indian doctor) spends many years on research of many disease and doing successful treatment to chronic diseases in his ayurvedic hospital. He does pulse reading and tells the patients what his or her present trouble as per dosha. That is the medical problems. Dr.. Shukla claims ayurveda is effective in all chronic cases, in asthma, arthritis in particular and in ailments of stomach, kidney, liver etc. He is offering his consultancy in his hospital at chheharta in Amritsar.

In the last 22 years of practice, he has treated thousands of patients of rheumatoid arthritis, psotiasis, liver disorder, gout, skin allergies, hepatitis, male sexual problems acne etc. He is successfully treating many chronic patents. He has helped thousands of infertilities couples conceive to offer tangible, living proof of what ayurveda can do. Dr. Shukla is not doing business but he is trying to improve the quality of life of patients and to create is gainful opportunities for others to be happy.

The name of institution he is visiting patients at Amritsar is Shukla Hospital.

His gracious wife Dr.. Poonam Shukla who is also an ayurvedic doctor and practicing at Shukla hospital. This hospital is art of atma santulana (equilibrium of soul). Panchkarma hospital, yoga and meditation are part of routine.

Dr.. Amit Shukla is director at Shukla hospital. He has been dedicating himself to popularizing ayurveda across the globe since 1992 having given consultation. He is B.A.M.S. doctor from GNDU India. He is expert in treating the so called incurable disease. He is pioneer in applying modern technology to the ancient science of ayurveda. He is always anxious to promote the concept of holistic wellness through ayurveda and he is honored by Dabur India Ltd. New Delhi. Moreover he is blessed by Mr. Satyapal Dang and Mrs. Vimla Dang, Ex. Minister Punjab.

Dr. Poonam Shukla

Dr Poonam Shukla ,Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine practices the full range of Ayurveda , including Herbal medicines , yoga ,and panchkarma .She is treating chronic patients with traditional and modern techniques .

Dr Poonam is one of the leading yogacharya in INDIA , She is expertise in pregnancy yoga , prenatal and postnatal yoga .

Dr Poonam Shukla graduated in Ayurvedic medicine and surgery from BABA FRID UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES PUNJAB ,INDIA . Then she did her MD (AM) in Naturopathy and Yoga .

Dr Amit Shukla and Poonam Shukla are widely recognized for their outstanding contribution to the field of Ayurvedic medicine . They were honoured by Dabur India ltd which is most prestigious recognition in the field of Ayurveda.

Dr. Naveen Shukla

Dr Naveen Shukla is a fully qualified, registered Ayurvedic Physician. He graduated from a highly prestigious college of North India with Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. He has worked with various renowedayurvedic practitioners in India. He has an experience of 12 yrs in treating patients of various disorders and also have teaching experience at various medical colleges. He assess individual’s on the basis of their Body constitution Analysis & Pulse diagnosis and give the best possible treatment by herbs, diet plan, lifestyle modification, yoga, meditation and ayurvedic detoxification using traditional ayurvedic therapies..

He has been a registered member of Australasian Association of Ayurveda. Our Clinic is here to place Ayurveda as the medicinal science that corrects the human body from the chronic and lifestyle diseases and makes it capable to tackle day-to-day infections.


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